22 September 2018
Saint Petersburg
Stremyannaya st. 18
Ru Fi
+7(812) 406 04 50+7(812) 406 04 50 +7(921) 094 21 55+7(921) 094 21 55
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Ru En Fi
3 minutes walk from the Nevsky prospect, 5 minutes walk from Moskovsky railway station.
Corporate standards of work, individual service and attention to each guest.
Room rate includes: buffet breakfast, 5 oclock English tea with hotel confectionary.
Special offers for groups of guests.

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Attention! Great news for the Guests!

For the guests who book the hotel room  by writing to us an e-mail, giving us a phone call or directly through the hotel site

 We are happy to offer a complimentary Business-lunch at the Favourite restaurant on the 1st floor of our hotel!  Our Receptionists will give you all additional information in detail.

* The offer is valid through all year round till December 2018, excluding holidays.


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A ROOM at CRONWELL INN Stremyannaya hotel

 Viber/What's up + 7 (921) 094 21 55 / +7 (812) 406 0450

Skype: Cronwell_Inn


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